Anonymous asked:
How do you thing the boys will be like in bed when it comes to vocals? Do you think they will be silent or very loud?


Luke is definatley a whimperer, like he’d bite his lip and fiddle with his lip ring and a small whimper would fall from those sexy ass lips omg

Calum, definatley a grunter, he’d be the one to try to stay silent but the feeling of you wrapped around him would just send him mad and a throaty grunt would escape his throat

Ashton would be a dirty talker, like he would just non-stop whisper in your ear how good you felt. His voice would be raspy and unf

Michael would be quite loud, like i think he would be just so caught up in the moment while fucking you, that he’d let out mixtures of grunts, groans omg ok 

Anonymous asked:
could you write a 4/4 blurb (if not then Michael and Luke) on what piece of sexy clothing or whatever he would ask you to keep on in the bedroom?


Luke: he would definitely ask you to keep on your heels bc they were so damn sexy and he loved nothing more than to fuck you missionary while you wrapped your legs around his back and lightly scratched his back with your fingernails and your heels.. I’m sorta getting the idea that he loved this bc this will hint him how much he’s making you feel good.

Mikey: he would sometimes ask you to leave on your bra, even though he LOVED your breasts, he loved even more when it would tease him bc your boobs would bounce up and down and spill out of your bra at the top and he would always watch them and the sight of them not being exposed turns him on bc teasing ??????? No??? Does this even make sense

Calum: he would tell you to keep your suspenders on bc first of all they were hOT AS FRICK and he loved slapping them against your skin when you rode him or something like that. It would turn him on so much and sometimes he would even grab into them and guide you while your riding him and ugh fuck dONT

Ashton: he would love when you would actually leave your socks on… But he kinda loved the long sock (school girl) sort of look and it really turns him on bc he’s being all dominant and you look all innocent :((( and he would always love to take you from behind and watch your ass and just oh lord and he would slap you a few times I’m sorry I’m going off topic and a little overboard